San Mai hunter


Hunting/outdoor knife in Japanese White steel, this is your perfect adventure companion. Cutting wood, preparing game and sandwiches?.This ?one of a kind? knife does it all. This blade was made out of hand forged ?white paper? high carbon steel in the traditional style from several layers (5-1-5) of steel. The cutting edge layer is made of high carbon tool steel. The steel is not alloyed and practically void of impurities. This high purity allows for a very fine grained, martensic steel structure which is responsible for the exceptional sharpness and edge-holding ability of the steel. The blade is hear treated to HRC 59-60. The Japanese ?white paper? high carbon steel can be seen throughout the blade. Comes with Kydex sheath with leather belt loop. Wengé and blue liner for the handle. This is not a stainless steel blade , this ?high carbon? alloy remains sharper much longer and is easy to maintain in the field. Overall length : 260 mm Length blade: 115 cm Thickness: 5 mm Steel: Hitachi White paper steel # 2 Your knife is garanteed for live, Studio Blade is your emergency room when you have mistreated the blade beyond diy repair.
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