Handmade in Belgium – Handgemaakte kwaliteit

Een uniek tafeltje, een ambachtelijk gedraaid ijsje dat smaakt zoals vroeger of hippe one-of-a-kind babykleertjes. We zijn allemaal op zoek naar authentieke, handgemaakte en eerlijke producten. Dankzij het label Handmade in Belgium ben je er zeker van dat je Belgisch koopt. Want wie het HIB-label draagt, maakt eigen kwaliteitsproducten op kleine schaal. Hier, in ons land.

Oscar Luxury

Enjoy the crackling sensation and great smell of an Oscar candle, handmade by candle lovers in Brecht. 

Oscar Luxury

Vaartkant Rechts 6G
2960 Brecht

Marc Lendfers
HIB Labelhouder sinds:
april 2022
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mouthblown glass

OSCAR luxury is a brand founded by a former stockbroker who ended up in Brasschaat and got tired of living behind screens. The high standard of luxury around him inspired him to turn his hobby (he made candles out of champagne bottles) into his new passion in life, candles. His roots as a butcher’s son are still evident today in the use of raw materials such as concrete, hides and skins. Whereas as a trader he had to be creative with numbers, now he could be creative to his heart’s content with wax, wicks and scents.

To be able to give something back to society, OSCAR luxury is strongly rooted in Belgian society and we gladly support local social organisations with which we collaborate. Besides candles, we also make home and body products such as diffusers and roomsprays. Our luxury scented candles are handmade in our factory in Brecht, only this way we can guarantee the quality. We only work with the best European raw materials, our fragrances are developed together with top experts and our glass is mouth-blown in Europe. Therefore, we do not make any concessions in terms of quality, we always set the bar higher, we are rarely satisfied.

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mouthblown glass
Mouthblown spotted candle

The brown and white spotted pots are a feast for the eyes, playful but also very chic. We only work with mouth-blown glass from Europe, so no two pots are exactly the same. Both the thickness and the color will always differ slightly, which makes them so attractive. We work with wooden wicks which individually consist of two layers, so you always have a beautiful crackling candle fire. We use only the purest European paraffin and in case of these spotted candles we work with our warm Selene fragrance.

Selene Fragrance White Amber

Top notes: Lemon Lime, Orange
Heart notes: Muguet, Nutmeg, Cinnamic
Base notes: Amber, Sweet Musk, Tonka, Oudh, Sandalwood